As previously mentioned, one of the core concepts of jQuery is to select elements and perform an action. jQuery has done a great job of making the task of selecting and element, or elements, extremely easy by mimicking that of CSS. On top of the general CSS selectors, jQuery has support for all of the unique CSS3 selectors, which work regardless of which browser is being used.

Invoking the jQuery object, $(), containing a selector will return that DOM node to manipulate it. The selector falls within the parentheses, ('...'), and may select elements just like that of CSS.

$('.feature');              // Class selector
$('li strong');             // Descendant selector
$('em, i');                 // Multiple selector
$('a[target="_blank"]');    // Attribute selector
$('#named');        		// Id selector

This Selection Keyword

When working inside of a jQuery function you may want to select the element in which was referenced inside of the original selector. In this event the this keyword may be used to refer to the element selected in the current handler.


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